Elk eating at south rim
Elk eating on South Rim Mather Point Grand Canyon
DSCN1149.JPGColorado River suounded by Glenn Canyon with Glenn Canyon Dam in backround

South Rim of Grand Canyon

Trip on Colorado River
Glenn Canyon was a small canyon that if you followed it would take you into the Grand Canyon. The top of Glenn canyon starts at an elevation of 700 ft behind the dam and will rise up to an elevation of 1400 ft at Lee’s ferry. The walls of Glenn Canyon are made up of Desert Varnish. We took a 16 mile trip down the Colorado River to Lee’s Ferry. Along the way we saw an eagle’s nest and a natural bridge along the walls of Glenn Canyon. We also rode around Horseshoe Bend which is a popular place landmark to take pictures of. The main type of fish to be found is Rainbow Trout which people will fly fish for. Another thing that is commonly found in Glenn Canyon is the blue Herring. We also saw two waterfalls and many beaches. You can also find petroglyphs in Glenn Canyon. There are some markings that even descendants of the tribe found in Glenn Canyon don’t know what they mean. I thought are trip in Glenn Canyon was very educational and enjoyable. Are tour guide did an amazing job at pointing things out and trying to help others if they couldn’t find the thing that she pointed out at first.