Kyle and Dalton's Journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We woke up at 5:00 O'clock....usually we would have been tired and annoyed and would have wanted to go back to sleep, but not on that day.....we were going to the Grand Canyon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!


Allan was out tour guide on the trip, he was AWESOME....other then he wouldn't let us watch POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until we finially persuaded him! WOOOOOOHHOOOO POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!

This is a beautiful picture of the grand canyon. I know....its an amazing picture

This is the top view of the Grand Canyon

We took an awesome walk around the rim of the Grand Canyon.
DUDE the Grand Canyon was formed by Deposition, Uplifting , Downcut and Erosion, A.K.A DUDE.
Deposition- Is the different layers of rocks that have been deposited over thousands of years
Uplift- Was the Colorado Plateu tectonics
Downcut- was the Colorado River cutting away the rocks to make the Grand Canyon
Erosion- Is natural wearing away of the rocks.

Those are the elements that helped form the Grand Canyon that we see and know today.
The Grand Canyon started forming about 17 millions years ago. It is 277 miles long and ranges 4 to 18 miles in width.


This is a Utah Juniper tree. The ancient people peeled off the bark and used it for many different things. Ex. Toilet Paper (OW) or clothing (OW)

The foam of root beer comes from the root of the Yuca plant.

Another type of food that the ancient people ate was the Pinyon Nut.

Sage was a herb that the ancient people used in their food. It reminds us of turkey stuffing on Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mormon Tea was used by anicent people to clear there sinuses. They would dry it first, then drink the tea. We tasted it, it actually tasted pretty good!!!!!!!


This is one of the awesome elk we saw!!!!!!!


This is a shell fossil from the bottom of the ocean. That means that this area was once the bottom of the ocean!!!!!!! ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!?!?!?!?!?!?


This is Glen Canyon. We boarded these rafts that you see here and headed down the river. IT WAS AWESOME AND WET!!!!!!!!!!


See the black elements on the rocks...? It is called Desert Varnish. It is found commonly on the walls of the Grand Canyon.


This is the Glen Canyon dam. It holds back the water in Lake Powell and provides electricity to the city. Dam isn't it pretty?!?!?!?!?!? The water in the river is always a cool 47 degrees. During our float trip we saw one of the smallest waterfalls. It's name is "Little Niagra." There were lots of different birds along the river rafting trip, too. One of them was the Blue Herron, that was the most commonly found one. One of the types of fish that are found in the river are rainbow trout.


This is Poision drop and it could kill you!!!!!!!!!.......Hahaha soooo funny!!!!!!!!


These are some awesome hieroglyphs right by the river. It is amazing what the ancient people drew. All of the pictures stood for something. How come when I draw stick people it isn't good...but when ancient people draw stick people it's amazing?!?!?!? I don't get that! Haha


This is Wapatki. "Wapatki" stands for big house. This is the big house. It was man made and built around the big rock in the middle. When a person needed a new house they just build off this one big house. Isn't that a sweet house?!?!? Wouldn't that be awesome to live in that?!?!? I think it would be soooooo cool!!!!!!!


The room that we are standing in geologists have studied and guessed that it was possibly the trash room. They threw their trash in here. Geologists determined what they ate by looking in this room.


This is the auditorium. When the heads of the tribe would hold meetings they would stand in the middle of this auditorium. All of the other members of the tribe would sit around the outside on the hills and hear what they were discussing. The sound of the speakers would naturally amplifiy so people that weren't in the circle could still hear what was being said.


This is the spot that geologists found human remains. They immediately stopped digging in this spot. We were then told that we could have been standing on skeletons. That creeped us out!!!

IMG_4930.JPG the... BLOWHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The air was either blown in or sucked from this hole. Depending on the weather conditions in the San Fransisco mountains, is how hot or cold the air was. (if it was hot than it blew hot air). This also made scientists study the underground cave system. Scientists have sent sonar into this blowhole but the tests never come back! That's how long this network of underground tunnels are!


This is Sunset Crater. It errupted between 1040 and 1100 and lasted for about a few months. It was a cinder cone volcano. That means that when it errupted the top blew off!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is where a chunk of lava landed after it blew out of the volcano. It left a huge crater. Over the years humans have destroyed it!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that just sad?

We got back in to Tucson at 10:30. What we got from the Grand Canyon is a great experience that I will never forget! It was lots and lots of fun, BUT I also learned a TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!