The Grand Canyon BABY!! We were so excited to see it!!! Here is our AMAZING photo journal of that AMAZING canyon!!!!!


Allen is our awesome tour guide!!!!! He led us into the awesome world of the great Grand Canyon babyy!!!!

Top view of the Grand Canyon..ISN'T IT AN AMZING SIE TO SEE!!!!??!!

When we first go to the great GC we went on an awesome and educationl hike around the rim the Grand Canyon.
DUDE the Grand Canyon was formed by Deposition, Uplifting , Downcut and Erosion, A.K.A DUDE.
Deposition- Is the different layers of rocks that have been deposited over thousands of years
Uplift- Was the Colorado Plateu tectonics
Downcut- was the Colorado River cutting away the rocks to make the Grand Canyon
Erosion- Is natural wearing away of the rocks.

The Grand Canyon started forming about 17 millions years ago. It is 277 miles long and ranges 4 to 18 miles in width.


This is a Utah Juniper tree. The ancient people peeled off the bark and used it for many different things. Ex. Toilet Paper (sounds painful) or clothing (sounds very unomfortable)
You cannot seeit in this pitue but there are little blue clored berries that are edible! Ancient people ate this for food. We tried som and it tased good at first but then it was veryy bitter!!!!!


This guy was an AMAZING elk we saw on he Rim hike. !!!!!!!!!


This is a shell fossil that was one located at the bottom of the ocean! That means that this area was once the bottom of the ocean!!!!!!! PRETTYAMAZING HUH??!!!!!!

This AMZING SITE is Glen Canyon. We got on these rafts that you see here and headed down the river. IT WAS AMAZING BUT QUITE WET!!!!!!!!!!


See the black elements on the rocks that look like it was painted on those rocks!!...? It is called Desert Varnish. This very cool shade of black on the walls are very common in the GC.!!!!!!


This is the Glen Canyon dam. It holds back the water in Lake Powell and provides electricity to the city.The temeperatur of the water in the river is always a cool 47 degrees. There were lots of different animals along the river rafting trip, too. The animals we saw on the river included rainbow trout and blue herron. These animal were SOOO cool to see!!!!!!!!!!!


This is Poision Rock.... it is located the outside of the river on the walls of the canyon!! People say one DROP from it could kill you!!!! HAHAHAHA GET IT!!!!????


These are some ancient hieroglyphics, or drawings on a wall tht ancient peop dra to represent something in thier life!! Pretty COOL drawings huh????!!!!!


This is a picture from Wapatki National Monument. The word "Wapatki" means big house. In this picture it shows the big house or the main house in the area. It was man made and built around the big rock in the middle. I think the cool part is that when a person got to move out on thier own house all they had to do is just build off this one big house. PRETTY SMART HUH!!!!???!?

When archaelogists studied thius room they igured out that it was a trash room. This is an important discovery because you can figure how people lived with what was is in thier trash. (i.e. what they ate, what they wore) PRETTY AMAZING WAY OF FINDING MORE INFORMATION ON HW THESE PEOPLE LIVED HUH???????!!!!!!!


This is the auditorium. When tribal leaders wold have meetings,the other people of the village that weren't allowed in the meetings stood above he auditorium (as seen in the pic) and because the auditorium naturay amplified they could everything that was going on during the meeting. I THINK THAT IS JUST AMAZING HOW THEY FIGURED THAT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a tomb that archealogists found, they found human remains. They immediately stopped digging in this spot. The reason they stoed digging was to honor the ancient people's ways of burying thei dead.If thydug it up it would disgace thier ways. PRETTY NICE OF THE ARCHAELOGISTS HUH??????!!!!

IMG_4930.JPG the... BLOWHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The air was either blown in or sucked from this hole. This hole goes down to undrgound caves!!!!! AMAZING!!! The caves ar soooo long and deep that when scientists put a sonar down there it never came back!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! THATS DEEP!!!!


This amazing site is sunset crater!!! It is a cinder cone volcanoe!!!! It ERUPTED between 1040 and 1100...!!!!! Because its a cinder cone volcanoe when it erupted the top blew off!!!!!! WOW!!!



This pic above is a crater that was made by a lave chunk hitting the ground and making this huge hole!!!!! AWESOME HUH!!!!!!?????? But over the years people have been destroyng it!!!!! :( sad HUH!!!!!!!???

This trip was AMAZING!!! The Grand Canyon wasn't a new experience for me but Waptaki, Glen Canyon, and Sunset Crater were.!!! That was veryy cool and VERY educational at the same time!!!!! GREAT TRIP and hope you enjoy our photo journlo this GREAT TRIP allte adventure we ha on it!!! YY BABYY!!!