Room 15B

Grand Canyon Trip 2010

Sarah Grave

Robbi Lowery pic8.JPG Okay. This is on the hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon!!! Amazing view right? Down at the bottom you can see a little trail that kinda sort of looks like an upside down "Y". There is a settlement down there where people actually live!!! insane right? thats what i was thinking when our tour guide first pointed it out to us.

Great_view_of_GC.JPGThe Grand Canyon from a really high view. It's so pretty but looked like a really long way down. Yikes!

We are in the parking lot prepping for the amazingly snowy hike yet to come! OOH YEAH!!!!! ( Karen, Alison, and Robbi are like " BRING IT ON BABY"....but Sara is just like "let's get this over with") haha
We are almost there!!!! just a few more hours. HA!!!!


This is Allan. he was our tour guide. He was so awesome he brought animals on the bus! We got to hold a snake and 3 lizards!!!


This is Sarah holding the snake that Allan brought on the bus. It was really scary but the snake was nice so that was good.
A cliff coming from the Grand Canyon. We thought this picture was really pretty because it showed the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. Plus all of the snow on the trees was really amazing.

This is a picture of the Colorado River from far away. (At least we think it is) But it is cool bcause we were there on the second day.

There is the amazing HOOVER DAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! on the left side, is the wonderful Lake Powell. and on the right side, is the Colorado River. you cannot really see it, but it is there, i pinky promise. the Hoover Dam was originally going to be built in another spot along the river, but it was right on a tectonic plate, so the dam would come crumbling down...and that would not be very good now would it?

HERE WE AREEEE!!!!!!! READY TO GO ON THE 3 HOUR LONG RIVER FLOAT!!!!!!!! it may seem like a long time to be on a boat.......but it honestly wasn't long ENOUGH!!!!! ( but if you have to pee really was TOO long) tehe. but it was so gorgeous along the river!!!!!
Okay. we are just starting to begin the river float!!! and it is already amazing!!!!! those little specks on the water a little bit ahead.....these are rocks that form a river rapid!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! you will never believe how high scientist have rated this rapid. A WHOLE 0.2 OUT OF 10!!!!!! HOLLEY MOLLLEEEYYYYY GUACAMOLE!!!
This is what i like to call, MINIATURE NIAGARA FALLS!!!!!!!!! isn't it amazing? this water comes from streams that are somewhere else in the Glen Canyon, that we cannot see.
Okay. Tilt your head to the right. nowww, you can clearly see that we are coming up to a very narrow turn. OH NO!!!!!
here we areeee........relaxed and enjoying the end of our ride. but what we didn't know....was that we were just about to get ambushed at the next turn in the float. You see, we were the last boat to arrive, because our engine didn't sound right so the guide didn't want to take any chances. when we finally got there, all e saw was all of the other three boats making waves for us to go through!!!!! haha but we didn't really get that wet!
Wapatki National park. this was on of the amazing structures that was built over 900 years ago. do you wanna know why there was so many rooms? well you see, children would live with their parents until the age 13-16. when the would then build on their own room in the "house". this part is kinda weird. when a man or woman died, they would bury them thin their room and close in all of the windows with cement or more rocks. that would smell soooo bad.