Grand Canyon Rim Walk:

We were both very thirsty, and had no water :P
We were both thirsty, and had no water:P (Peering over the rim).
This was one of the "best" views of Indian Gardens. Too bad we can't SEE it!

(36 N, 112 W)
Bright Angel Trail, home of Indian Gardens(dark green patch), and Bright Angel Point(very end/edge of trail).
  • Indian Gardens is a campsite below the rim, along Bright Angel Trail.
  • There are many houses down in all of those trees, that are not visible.
  • We went on the Rim Trail of the Grand Canyon, and gazed down at the beautiful sights, until it snowed, and we could not see anything.
  • When we first looked at the canyon, our thoughts were, WOW. Also, the snow tasted good-Cam


It was very amazing to us that the giant ridge between the two walls on our side, is 2 miles away!
  • That wall was a whopping 1400 feet in elevation.
  • Also, not to far to the right of it was a golden eagles nest.
  • When we first heard the distance, we said NO, it was not even a mile! Also, Cam said,"BOY! What a beautiful sight!"


This, MASSIVE rock is named, Poison Rock, the highest point in Glenn Canyon.
All we could say was, HOLY SCHIST!!!!


This is Wupatki National Monument's biggest structure, called Wupatki.
  • Wupatki translates in the Hopi language to mean Tall House.
  • Our thoughts were when we first saw this house, we said, "That's a house?"


This is the ball park that the descents of the Hopi tribe used to play on.

  • People believe they played a game similar to soccer, where the two cut outs in the walls were goals.
  • This made me think of my teams soccer fields, but a lot shorter- Jake
  • This made me say,"Where's the grass?"-Cam

GEDC0222.JPGThis is Sunset Crater, the only erupting volcano in the Southwest witnessed by people.

  • The park rangers decided to shut down the trail that went to peak, because hikers left big messes.
  • At this park site, you can't tell Sunset Crater is actually a volcano. It looks more like a hill.
  • The hike we went on took us about 2 miles up the volcano, and back out.
  • There was nothing else in sight but black sand(lava grains).


This is ALLEN! Our intriguing tour guide.
He is the one who led us through our awesome expedition!
We went through 4 different amazing sites to see:
  • Grand Canyon Rim Trail
  • Glen Canyon Dam/ Colorado River Raft Ride
  • Wupatki National Monument
  • Sunset Crater National Park



CAM'S Squirrel that he named Ralph Stewart!



Jake holding the Desert Chukawalla with cam in the background!