Mitchell Lopez and Cole Marmor

Bus Ride #1


This was one of the four reptiles that we had on the bus. This picture was taken on the way to the Grand Canyon.


This is the snake of the bus exploring inside of my shirt. I named him Sir Fredrick the III. This was also on the way to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon


This is as farthest we could see in the Grand Canyon because it was foggy and snowing. I took these pictrures along a trail we hiked on the outer rim.

Bus Ride #2 DSCF0287.JPGDSCF0286.JPG

The picture on the left is a horrific fire we spotted on the way to the Glen Canyon Dam. The picture on the right is the bridge that overlooks the Glen Canyon Dam and Colorado River.

Colorado River


The picture you see here is taken from raft on the Colorado river. You can see the Glen Canyon Dam.


While on the raft we decided to take some pictures of the river and the canyon walls.


The picture on the left is again, a picture of the river and canyon walls. The picture on the right is a steep trail built by Native Americans.


Happy Joe is what we called the picture on the left which is an example of spralling. The picture on the right is of Desert Varnish.


These are some pictographs we saw on the side of the canyon wall. Explorers believe that the stairs in the picture to the left reprisent the trail that the Native Americans built. they also believed that the symbol in the picture in the right reprisented unity between the tribes that lived in the area.


This is one of the only places where you can hear an echo from the colorado river. Wupatki National Monument DSCF0341.JPG This is Ranger Marmor of Wapatki National Monument. He is one of the most skilled rangers in the whole country. DSCF0342.JPG This is Wapatki, which means big house. it has many rooms including a trash room, many bedrooms, and a well fortified entrance that had elevated doors for pretection. DSCF0353.JPG This is the only know pictograph in the whole Wapatki National Monument but, judging buy its placement archiologists believe there are more below the sand. Sunset Crater DSCF0354.JPGDSCF0356.JPG These picture are at Sunset Crater. Despite its name, Sunset Crater is acually a volcano. Both of these pictures were taken on the trail along the base of the volcano. There was once a trail that lead around the rim of the volcano. The park managers closed it when it became litered with too much trash. DSCF0361.JPG Along the whole Grand Canyon Trip, Jacob and Cole searched for and explored many caves. This is one of them at Sunset Crater.