Lexi (left) and Shannon (right) at the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon!
When we went to The Grand Canyon, it was FREEZING! Everybody was in 50 layers, and it was snowing too. The Canyon was so foggy that we couldn't see 10 feet ahead of ourselves, so that made it a little hard to take in one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. What we could see was trails that hikers have made throughout their journeys. They went all the way down to the very bottom of the canyon. (277 miles!) Our group first got with a leader and headed out for our tour. The first thing we actually got to see was the South Rim. It wasn't foggy at first...but it got worse. The Canyon was HUGE! I felt like an ant walking on a football field. There were so many layers of rock too, sedimentary rock to be exact. After we were finished looking through the south rim of the canyon, we moved on to a cliff where we could see even more. We were so close to the edge, that if we took one or two steps further, we would've fallen! Once we were finished looking on the cliff, we moved on to see a memorial of the man who founded the lodge next to the canyon. Then, we went further through the canyon and to our surprise, we saw elk! There were about five of them eating grass (well what was left of the grass) and relaxing. After a loooooong hike in the FREEZING cold weather we got on a crowded (but warm) shuttle that took us back to the bus. Most of us were SOAKED from all the snow and we couldn't feel our toes or fingers. Haha sucks for us. Overall, this stop was really fun except for the cold part. The Grand Canyon was gorgeous (when we could see it). After our hike we went to eat lunch at the wonderful cafeteria at the canyon. Then our bus drivers decided to take us to see the canyon again (the fog had cleared up by then). On our way to the view point Shannon and a girl in our class (Shelby) started to throw snowballs at our Language Arts teacher (Mr. Davi). That was the beginning of our seventh grade snowball fight on the rim of the Grand Canyon. WHAT FUN!!!!!!!! After the Grand Canyon we were off to Page to spend the night.

  • The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long
  • It is 18 miles wide
  • It took 3-6 million years to form
  • No one has ever found a fossilized reptile skeleton in the Grand Canyon
  • It has approximately 75 species of mammals

The colorado river
iver trip on the Colorado River!

This was the AWESOMEST part of the trip according to Lexi and I!!! Right when we got to the place, we took a bus through the walls of the canyon. It was really dark! Every now and again we saw holes in the walls of the canyon. It shed light on the whole tunnel, but once we drove past the holes of the walls, it was pitch black again. After what felt like 5 hours, our bus ride through the canyon ended. We then had to put on the non-fashionable green hard hats (talk about helmet hair!). All the helmets were for was to walk down this bridge thing that was literally 25 steps. Unfortunately, Shannon and I weren't 13 yet (even though I turned 13 in 6 days!) had to wear these old, red, disgusting life jackets. Although Josh, our friend who is 5'9", had to wear a life vest too because he wasn't 13 yet either. Jacob, our other friend, who is about 4'11", didn't have to wear a life vest because he was 13. Anyway, back to our boat ride. First of all, our boat driver was named Cornelius! (be jealous!!! I know I am!) Haha. Even though the weather was a little cold, the water was even colder! (it was 47 degrees!!!) To be honest, I actually learned a lot on this boat ride. I learned what a swall was. It is when a part of the canyon slides off into the depths of the "raging" river! Just kidding! It's not that intense, but we have pretty cool imagination! Another thing that I learned was that there was this waterfall (that was about 4 feet long) that ran from the very top of the of the Dam to the river! The most fun part of the whole boat was the end of the ride. We had a WATER FIGHT!!!!! It was sooooo wet/fun/cold/amazing/intense! Me and Shannon didn't get very wet, but this poor kid Nathan got SOAKED FROM HEAD TO TOE! I'm glad that wasn't me! Anyway, once the boat ride was over :(, we ate sack lunches at Cameron Trading Post. (The lunches were pretty good, not gonna lie). After that, we went shopping for little souvenirs. I got a rainbow ring, while Shannon got a spoon and a bracelet. (I know that you're thinking, a spoon is a pretty weird thing to buy, but she collects them).

  • The Canyon had many swalls (when the canyon walls slide down).
  • Sandstone at the bottom of the canyon.
  • Rainbow trout swims throughout the river.
  • Blue heron flies above the water.
  • Park rangers planted an invasive tree on the banks of the river to prolong erosion.
Wupatki National Monument!!
071.JPGWupatki National Monument was CRAZY AMAZIN'!!!! It was SOOOOOO COOOL and windy :(. Haha. It was a HUMUNGO 100 room dwelling that housed 2,000 people!!! INSANE RIGHT?!?!?! It was built my the tribe and was on a major trade route. It was extremely windy at this stop. I (Shannon) being the good friend I am gave my jacket to one of my really close friends (ALLY!!!!). STUPID ME!!! Haha. It wasn't cold at first but then i started to feel it, even though i was wearin six shirts. I had a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, and two t-shirts on and i was STILL cold :(. I also had two pairs of socks on and two pants. We didn't do much there but look at the monument. Not only did they preserve the dwelling but they also preserved the Amphitheater and the garbage room. After the walk we went into the visitor center and looked around for a while.Overall the experience was pretty cool but the weather was miserable. :( After that we had a short potty break and got back on the bus.We were on our way to Sunset Crater!!!!!

  • Was built about 900 years ago
  • contains 100 rooms which housed 2,000 people!!
  • Had an Amphitheater where held sporting events, had markets, and traded goods
  • When we went there the blowhole was blowing but it was on the borderline suck
  • They built around the surrounding land forms such as boulders and hills.

Sunset Crexternal image sunset-crater.jpgater!!
This was our last stop on this this INSANE field trip!!!! Sunset Crater is an active cinder-cone volcano located 35 miles east of Flagstaff. This volcano erupted last about 1,000 years ago. This stop had the best weather out of all of our stops. We had to hike ONE WHOOOLE MILE around the base of the volcano!!!! I mean come on a WHOLE MILE!! (that's kinda ridiculous!...just saying) We learned about the Lava Tubes and squeeze-ups and lava bombs on our hike. When we got back from the hike we had another potty break. During that time we took a bunch of really funny pictures of each other. After our little social meeting we got back on the bus and drove to the Anthem mall.

  • Sunset Crater is an active volcano that erupted 1,000 years
  • It cleared everything within a 5 mile radius
  • sunset crater is a cinder-cone volcano
  • sunset crater may be the longest living cinder-cone volcano on earth
  • Sunset Crater was originally named Sunset Mountain by John Wesley Powell
We had a great time on this trip! It was soooo much fun!!! We also had some really funny and memorable moments that we would like to share with you! On the way to the grand Canyon i got some really funny pictures of my friends sleeping.

How Cute Is This!?!?! Haha Bay fell asleep on ally and they sleptpeacefully for about an hour and a half!!
Haha Ally sleeping while hugging her pillow!!!!

I wonder why all of these pictures have Ally or Bay in em'? Haha they fell asleep A LOT!!! On our way back home it was dark and Ally was lyin on the seat while Bay was lying on the floor. What was really funny was that they were both asleep and you couldn't see them at all except for Bay's legs (which were sticking out in the isle) because they were covered with blankets and pillows!! After our hike at sunset crater Bay decides to lie on the ground because she was "tired" haha she was in fact we all were. Well, Ally was also "tired" so she decided to lie down too but look how they both lied down....
Bay and Ally "resting" after the agaonizing mile hike around the base of sunset crater

The WHOOOLE trip Michael duarte was on a rant about how he wanted Orange Chicken SOOOOOO bad. Well pretty much everybody on our bus heard him and when we went to the Anthem mall to eat dinner there was a Chinese restaurant and HALF of out bus went there and got some orange chicken!!
This was an INSANE trip that i will always remember!!
Thanks so much to:
Mrs. Wilkening
Our tour guide Liz
and ALL the parent chaperons


Courtney wearin my beanie
Shelby at the Grand Canyon

DP wearin my beanie
Lexi wearin my beanie

Jacob!! wearin my beanie