​Grand Canyon Trip 2010
Mark Lubniewski & Russell Tast

  1. At the Grand Canyon when we first got there, it was snowing!!! Who would've guessed that teh trip that had been planned all this time would be spoiled by bad weather? (Luckily the next day it was better, and we were able to take some pictures.)
At the Grand Canyon (Day 2)
Elk during rim hike of Grand Canyon.
Grave for two dead people who lived at the Grand Canyon.

Did you know that?
  • The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.
  • The Grand Canyon is composed of layers of rock
  • It was first discovered by John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran.
  • California Condors almost went extinct, but were reintroduced to the Grand Canyon

I think that the Grand Canyon so far is just plain impressive. The magnitude of scale in it is just insane. I haven't even seen all of it due to snow! Hopefully tommorow I'll be able to get a better look.

2. At the Colorado River Trip, we were stunned and sort of scared as we entered a long, deep, dark, tunnel. There was minimal lighting, and we were in the back of the bus. It was eerie!
The 2mi long tunnel we had to go through to get to our rafts.
Four of the eight electricity tubes which supplys power to some parts of Southern Arizona.
Fresh Water Waterfall

Did you know that?

  • The Colorado River runds through the Grand Canyon
  • It isn't the only reaso n the Grand Canyon exists, plate tectonics also contributed to it.
  • The Glen Canyon Dam utilizes the water for electricity
  • The Glen Canyon Dam provides electricity to many states

I found the river trip really exciting, the sheer size of some of the formations was belittleing, thinking a football field could fit in many of them!

3. At the Wuptaki National Monument, we learned about the Native Americans and how they lived in the area, it was amazing, to think that they survived and created a community all alone like that.

Did you know that?

  • 3 Native American nations once lived here
  • There was a circular area for meetings and ceremorinies
  • When someone died, they would block in the windows.
  • The native people believe that a person's spirit stil lives after someone dies.

I thought the Wuptaki National Monument was really interesting, learning about how everone lived ther and how they thought about their religion.

4. At Sunset Crater, we got to see the remains of a volcano that blew itself up similar to Mt. St. Helens, it was really cool!

Did you know that?

  • Sunset Crater was a Cinder Cone Volcano.
  • A Hollywood film company wanted to detonate large quantities of dynamite to simulate a volcanic eruption.
  • It erupted sometime between 1040 and 1100
  • It's base diameter is 1 mile

I thought Sunset Crater was really cool, to think of the force it must have taken to create an explosion of that magnitude. It's just scary to think that this may happen again somewhere else.