GC Trip Journal

Antonio Apolinar & Daniel Medina

South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Hike on South Kaibab Trail)

This hike was very exciting. On the hike, we couldn’t see anything unless it was on the trail. The snow covered the view of the Colorado River which flows along the bottom of the canyon, 5000 feet below the rim. The snow also covered the trees. I was very cold during the hike. We walked along the trail and looked on some view points. We saw the graves of an innkeeper and his wife. These two people wanted to be buried on an outlook of their inn. There were also Indians that lived at the bottom of the canyon and gathered food from trees on the rims of the canyon. The Grand Canyon was carved by the river and faults. The Grand Canyon is a very cool place to go, but it would be better if it was during the summer or good weather in order to enjoy the amazing views of Mother Nature.

This is me overlooking the Colorado River and proving that I was at the Grand Canyon

This is an overlook of the river and the wall of the Grand Canyon

River Trip on the Colorado River We went river rafting on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon Dam. The guide provided us information about the canyon. The walls of the canyon were carved from the river and the faults that made other small canyons connect to the Glen Canyon. Along the way we saw fisherman who were trying to catch some of the trout that live in the river. After about one hour into the raft, the guide made a stop at a short trail where we hiked to some cool petroglyphs. The rafting was the most fun part of the field trip because all the guides from the four rafters started making waves and fooling around which made us all wet. I would do it again!

This is the wall of Glen Canyon. We were rafting in the river and took pictures of the walls


Wupatki National Monument The monument was surrounded by desert. The buildings, which were made of stone, had some walls that were crumbling. There was a stone circle made for meetings for leaders and there was another stone circle for sports. We examined the main building, a volcanic tube, a stone circle used for meetings, and another stone circle used for sports while the guide was talking. There was an underground tube that could blow air out and suck air in. Wupatki elevation is about 4,000 to 6,000 feet and the weather was very windy and cold. I think that the trip to Wupatki was great even though I was there last summer with my mom. But, I learned a lot about the tube and the circles (sport circle and meeting circle).

This is the home of the tribe of Indians that lived in Wupatki

Sunset Crater National Monument Most of the ground was covered with lava rocks and bombs. The volcano has sunset like colors near the top and dried lava around it. We hiked around the Lava Flow Trail which is a one mile loop through the Bonito Lava Flow at the base of Sunset Crater and talked about the volcano. This volcano erupted thousands of years ago and blew its peak off. The lava went miles before stopping and hardening. The eruption killed life all around it. The tribes living next to the volcano were able to abandon their homes before it erupted. This hike was fun and I learned that there were some trees that smelled like vanilla. I was at Sunset Crater last year with my mom but, I would go again because it was lots of fun.

This was the hornito of the tribe that lived there after the eruption