​​​The Grand Canyon Trip 2010
Kristin Powell & Katie Robinson


First we went to the Grand Canyon where it was snowing. The snow made it hard to see the canyon.

After dinner, the snow cleared up and we went back to the Grand Canyon for pictures


Tea and Anna were our roommates


We stayed at a hotel in Page, Arizona.

After breakfast the next day, we went to get some pictures of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam


Then we went on the Colorado Discovery river raft trip


Our river raft guide was named Clay. He was really amazing!!!!


While we were on the boat ride, we stopped and saw hieroglyphs.

This is an adic

While in the Canyon we saw birds like Red Heads and Golden Eyes. The bird in the picture is a Raven.


After the river raft trip, we had lunch at the Cameron Trading Post.

Then we went to Wupatki National Monument. Wupatki is ancient ruins of a North, South, East, and West trading post. There was a blow hole their. Sometimes it would blow and other times it would suck.




At Wupatki we saw a petroglyph.


Here's Sunset Crater!

Here are the FACTS!!!
Grand Canyon:

  • Colorado River is in the canyon
  • Most of the canyon is formed by the Colorado River
  • John Wesley Powell was first man to travel through the canyon
  • The rapids are very powerful. They get stronger as water is lost.
  • The canyon is 20 degrees cooler than it used to be
Glen Canyon Adventure:
  • The tunnnel was used to bring supplies for the dam
  • The right angle fault shows how one side is taller than the other
  • The Colorado River is 1400 miles long
  • You can see a variety of birds
  • the dam was created in 1963
  • Was here for over 900 years
  • Over 2000 people used to live here
  • It was a North, South, West, & East trading post
  • They believed the spirts of people remained in the ruins
  • Things from different places were found at the trading post
Sunset Crater:
  • It erupted between 1040 and 1100
  • It is 1000 feet tall
  • People used to live in this area
  • The ashfall was about 800 square miles
  • The depth of the crater is 300 feet