The Grand Canyon Trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Téa and Anna

Téa and Anna

The Grand Canyon
To the start this great adventure off... we sat on a bus for about 7 hours. It wasn't boring though because of our awesome bus guide Liz. She was always lifting up our spirits. When we finally got to the Grand Canyon. All we saw was a wall of white. I was so bummed because it was my 1st time ever to see the Grand Canyon. We went on a beautiful hike around the south rim. We were on the hike for about 2 hours. The whole time we could barely see it though. After the torture of not being able to feel my toes we ate , and went to a walking path where we could get a better view of the Grand Canyon. It was breath taking, i loved how you could see all of the layers of rock on top of each other. they blended perfectly. After about 45 mins of oohing and auhing and chucking snowballs at each other it was time to head back to the hotel.

The Colorado River ride in Glenn Canyon
The next day, we all stumbled out of bed at 5:45 am. That was probably the worst part of the trip. After are wonderful wake-up call we went to go get breakfast. Then we hopped on the bus and were on our way to the damn, seperating Lake Powell and The Colorado River. We went into an underground tunnel that took us to the river level. we were 2 miles below the damn at that point. We then met our guide Clay who took us out. He was soooo cool. He explained everything and he brought lemonade. It was a ponton boat so we were allowed to stratle it. That was a bad mistake... we started picking gup speed... and BAM we hit a wave caused by another boat and water shot up onto the boat and soaked the bottom of our pants and shoes. They dried pretty quickly. The highest walls there were 1400 feet above the river. In the walls there was alot of shapes and disfigured rocks so Clay told us about the stories behind them. There was a pac man ghost, there was a lady on a swing, and my favorite, a monk. Some archioligists found pictographs along the shore of The Colorado River, They were really old, but it was weird they looked like they were drawn yesterday... hmmmmmm. Anyway after that we had seconds of lemonade and we went along, occasionally getting wet. That was the fun part. But Sadly, it all had to end, and we got off at a pier and said our goodbyes to our awesome guide, Clay.

Wupakai national mounument
The place we wentafter the Colorado River, was The Wupakai national monument. It was built 900 years ago and then restored by archeologist. 2,000 people lived in this area. This area was a north, south, east, west trading post. The people that lived here believed that when a person died their spirits stayed in the room they died in. Some people are offended when archeologist unburied this people.

This is one of the buildings that the tribe lived in. It once had 50 rooms.
This is a door way of one of the rooms.

This is a blow hole. Some times it will blow air other times it will suck

Sunset Crater
Next we went to sunset crater. It erupted between 1040 and 1100. It is 1000 feet tall and 300 feet in depth. Elevation from the very bottom is 8020 feet. When it erupted the ashes fell about 800 square feet. Scientist believe that their was a town in this area because they found corn, pottery and other items in this area.

This is a over look of sunset crater the ashes fell 800 square feet from the volcano
Thank you sooo much Mrs. Wilkeming for giving us the oppourtunity of a lifetime. We loved it :)
- Téa and Anna. Thanks again !!!!!!!! :)