Michael’s and Jared’s Photo Journal!

Grand Canyon Hike
On the first day, we got to go on a hike along the sides of the Grand Canyon! It was soooo cold! We would’ve taken pictures of how white our hands were but they were too cold to take them out of my pocket. The hike was so much fun. We found a tree that had some edible berries on it. It was a gin (tasted horrible). We also saw some elk there. Look at the picture! They looked sooo cool. I didn’t even know that elk lived in Arizona. While we were on this hike we took some really awesome pictures of the view. Anyway,

· The Grand Canyon became a National Monument in 1908 and a Nation Park in 1919.
· Is a large (obviously) chasm about 277 miles wide
· Was formed by the Colorado River
· Includes approximately 70 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 25 types of reptiles and five species of amphibians
· It took about 3-6 million years to form. Erosion still alters the contour

Colorado River Trip
On the second day, we took a boat ride on the Colorado River. We don’t have any pictures while we were on this boat ride because we didn’t want to get our camera phone wet. We took what kinda reminded me of a banana boat ride with our group. It was so cool. Our guide told us little facts but luckily, the dad of a girl named Rachel saved the day and told us so many facts. We were ashamed of the tour guide for not knowing much about the river or canyon. On the ride we got soaked!!! We saw a teeny tiny waterfall that the tour guide calls “Little Niagra”. We thought the name was pretty funny. We took a stop to look at some petroglyphs. By that point of the trip we got mad at ourselves for not buying a waterproof disposable camera. Urrg!!! Anyway, after that we didn’t see much except for this GIANT SWALL that could fit a football field and one side of bleachers! The rest of the ride was awesome because all the guides were going fast on the boats and the other guides would ride the waves. We got soaked worse than before.

· The Colorado River is 1450 miles long.
· John Wesley Powell and 9 other men were the first to successfully travel and map this river.
· The Glen Canyon Dam is the largest dam on the Colorado River.
· A swale is valley like intersection of two slopes in a piece of land
· We learned that in this river the walls of the canyon could get up to 4000 ft high.

Sunset Crater
Sunset Crater was so much fun! At this stop, we got off the busses and went with our tour guide, Liz, on some trails she led us threw. Again, it was cold! But it was so cooool! Within approximately a five mile radius, the sediment was black. Liz said a few years ago, we forget how many, Sunset Crater erupted and the lava turned the sediment black. Then a few years later, the vegetation started to grow back. Liz kept stopping to smell pine trees! We were confused at first, but then she told us that some have a strong scent of vanilla.
· Was named by John Wesley Powell, because the sunset was beautiful from there.
· The leftover ash covers the ground with black sediment for almost five miles.
· Sunset Crater is used as a training area for the moon because the structure is unpredictable like the moon.
· Liken are most places at the crater
· Volcanic rock is has killed or covered most things.

OMG!!! Wupatki was so interesting. Wupatki is an ancient ruin that has been partly preserved over the years. If you look at the picture of Wupatki, you will see a giant and random boulder in the middle of the wall, since they couldn’t move the rock, they made it part of the wall. It was soooo windy! Michael had his coca-cola pajama pants on and it was just flapping in the wind. Michael was about to fly! But then Liz let us go inside a part of the ruins. We went into the trash room. It kind of gave us weird feelings because there were dead animal bodies that were in that room a long time ago.
· The people that lived their believed that if someone passed away, that their spirit would still be there.
· Wupatki has more than 100 rooms
· The natives were the SInagua, Kayenta Anasazi, Winslow Anasazi and Cohonina.
· There was a little ball court with little openings on either end. We wonder what the rules to their games were.
· In 1825, the Hopi and Navajo were using Wupatki

Wupatki Ruins
Wupatki ruins...again
Doorway at Wupatki
Colorado River!!!

Look at the Crater
The Grand Canyon is AWESOME!!!

GLen Canyon Dam
Sunset Crater
This is the screensaver on Michaels phone

I love ELK. I didnt know AZ had any

We are sorry about some of the pictures being sideways. We couldnt turn the pictures.