Nathan Sverdrup & Kyle Wuest


Grand Canyon Hike

On the first day that we got to the grand canyon we went hiking, it was hard to get pictures of it with all of the snow and the cold but we hiked around the outside of the canyon. On the hike we saw a some elk and we learned about condors. Condors were endangered so all of them were caught and were bred in a contained area. Once they had a large enough population they were put back in the wild and they are still being tagged to make sure they can get off of the endangered species list. Condors have a wing span of up to 18 feet long. We also learned that lichin is the first kind of mold to grow on a rock. The grand canyon was formed by years or erosion and faults.

Glen Canyon Raft Trip

On the second day of the trip we got up early in the morning and went drove to the Glen Canyon and when we were leaving the hotel we saw a golf course that had the longest hole in golf in Arizona.. I like golf. So we drove to Glen Canyon and when we got there we had to get on busses that took us through a dark scary tunnel for a while, the tunnel was formed by workers with dynomite. We started right in front of a giant dam, we went down the river and saw a place where people had found a dead cow from a flash flood. Later we stopped at a small beach and took a short hike to some hyroglyphics. We then went on and saw some swalls which is where part of the canyon wall had fallen out, the swall was bigger than the size a football feild. After that we took on some waves I (Nathan) got soaked and moved to the back of the boat. Lastly we saw a giant cave that was bigger than the Hollywood dome which is HUGE.


Wupatki is an ancient town where people used to live there were some half houses made of bricks and there was also a circle where they held meetings. There was also a place where archeologists thought kids used to play games but there only reason to believe that was because there were openings on both side that COULD have been goals but i think it was just a place where people went to sell or buy things. There was also a small hole in the ground where heat was rising out of and when we put our hats on it, it held them up. We also went in to a room that had been a trash room i was gold to go in there to get out of the wind even if it was a trash room. Indians that are still arpund today worship the Wupatki grounds so we are not suppose to dig anything up.

Sunset Crater

After Wupatki we went to sunset crater. Sunset crater is a volcanoe that hasn't erupted for a while but it is expected to erupt soon. The volcanoe erupted over an old town which was partly uncovered later on. One way they could tell people had lived there was because some lava formed around a cob of corn and was imprinted into the rock. Some of the trees around there smell like vinnila.